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Measurements and Reporting

Measuring Data, Delivering Solutions

Detailed reporting is the backbone of our analytics. As a free service to our clients, we offer in-depth reporting to support the decisions and recommendations we propose. Personalized employer solutions are a result of custom reporting. A report focused on outcomes provides visual representation of potential savings on anything from medical spending to Urgent Care usage. NFG measures an extensive list of usages and pharmacy statistics that lead to purpose driven solutions.

Reducing Risk

The number one way to limit cost is to reduce risk. Measuring data and benchmarking can uncover hidden risk. Once a potential risk is validated we can take preventive measures. Reducing risk is a simple and effective way to implement a strategy of savings. People and programs frequently underestimate risks that are staring them right in the face. Ordinary techniques like educating employees on when to go to the Emergency Room can save thousands of dollars a year. It does not have to be overwhelming, just proficient. Likewise, personal decisions to change behaviors to lower individual risk factors can have a powerful impact on both company and personal healthcare costs.


Health Plan Analytics

All the talk about strategy is useless if the strategy is not working. Our analysis shows the results from our strategies and plans. This allows us to prioritize and see if what we implemented aligns with your business objectives. You will have the ability to:

• Pinpoint aberrant cost factors and patient/provider utilization issues to drive better business decisions

• Benchmark health claims data on a national, regional and industry basis

• Uncover hidden cost-savings opportunities

• Provide actionable measures to improve the overall health of your organization while managing future health claims costs

At the very least, our analytics let you know where you stand.

Pharmacy Analytics

When you work with Nelson Financial Group we analyze each aspect of your pharmacy program. Simple steps like reviewing copay pricing or tier usage, lead to the discovery of hidden risk. Having this information available gives you a practical, visual representation of the potential cost savings. Our effective analysis is based off your actual claims data which we use to develop a strategic plan.


Pharmacy Analytics include:

• Analyzing Rx claims data to uncover problem areas.

• Demonstrating how you'll help control costs.

• Benchmarking your usage against 29 million lives nationwide.


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